Google Search: The NEW Green AD tag

Well it doesn’t seem like long since we were reporting that Google had removed the right hand side ads in February.

Over the last couple of weeks I have started to notice that the golden ‘AD’ tag was green in some of the searches I conducted, but this morning we find out it has been rolled out permanently. Google state that after testing they found this colour to be a better suit for the new Google brand, but they don’t expect to see any significant differences to advert or organic performance.

We suspect that this will not be the case.


Ads with the golden tag vs the ads with the green tag

Lets compare them side by side. Its obvious that the move to green has been done to blend the adverts in with the rest of the page.


The newer set of ads on the left are clearly more ‘organic’ looking than the ads on the right which are clearly containing more bells & whistles.


Lets also compare the bottom 3 ads:


At the bottom of the page, the organics flow seamlessly into the adverts space, with only the green ad tag letting you know they are adverts.


So what does this mean?

Depends on how we look at it. If the adverts look organic, audiences will be more confused as to what is organic, advert, or otherwise. The outcome here is about mixing the results up, and Google’s goal here is to earn more revenue from its ad traffic, and that is likely to increase the advert clicks, and decrease the organics.