Terms of Contract

At Pro PPC, we feel it is extremely important when working with clients that both parties want to work together, and have therefore stipulated minimal terms of contract.

  1. Pro PPC do not offer fixed-term contracts. Pro PPC operate on a month-by-month basis, giving clients peace of mind that the relationship can be terminated without long notice periods.
  2. In the event of termination, Pro PPC require a minimum of 14 days notice before the next billing date. Failure to give notice will deem the next invoice payable by the due date.
  3. The first invoice is to be cleared upfront on pro-forma basis.
  4. Pro PPC will collect payment for subsequent invoices by Direct Debit, unless agreed otherwise.
  5. Pro PPC’s billing cycles take place on or shortly after: 1st, 8th, 15th or 22nd of the month.
  6. Overdue and unpaid invoices could result in the client’s advertising being suspended.
  7. Pro PPC clients are responsible for covering payments to PPC networks to fund advertising.
  8. The client will own all PPC network advertising accounts.
  9. Upon account creation, standard access will be given to the account. Upon termination of agreement, if the account is in good standing, administrative access will be given to the client and Pro PPC’s access will be terminated.
  10. Pro PPC carries adequate Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  11. All advertising carried out by the client remains the responsibility of the client. Pro PPC cannot be held responsible for any published material. Pro PPC are advisors and consultants that require approval each time a new creative is to be published, otherwise needing written authorisation to publish unchecked creatives on the client’s behalf.
  12. Creation of image and video adverts may not be included in the agreed pricing.
  13. Pro PPC offer automated scheduled account reports free of charge. Reports can be emailed to the client on a weekly or monthly basis depending on preference. Please let us know if you would like to receive reports, telling us which one you would prefer.



Code Of Conduct

We fully understand that by allowing Pro PPC to work with you on your advertising, we will be subject to potentially sensitive information from within your organisation. To protect both your company and ours, we strictly abide by the following rules.

  1. We will not discuss your adwords account with any person outside of Pro PPC, your organization, or the advertising networks (i.e. Google representative). Nor will we discuss any one of our other client’s accounts with you. The closest we will ever come to this, just to point out our boundaries, is when suggesting an advert strategy. We may confirm that something similar has worked elsewhere. This would be a strategy drawn from our experience as marketers rather than copying another client’s strategy. This rule protects your interest as much as it protects ours, as transparency is vital to our survival.
  2. We will not hold your AdWords account to ransom if you end our agreement. Many digital agencies retain ownership of their client’s adwords accounts, so that in the event that you wish to part ways, you will need to either abandon your adwords account or pay a premium to take it with you. From day 1, providing the account with Pro PPC Ltd is in good financial standing, you own your adwords account. You can terminate this agreement at any given time with 14 days notice, and the Adwords account remains yours in the event that you decide to leave. This is in accordance with what we feel is fair, and also Google’s 3rd Party Partner T’s & C’s.
  3. Lastly, as consultants, we always seek approval from you for new ideas and new messages being published on your behalf. You are responsible for any ad copy that is used for your business, and as such, we will advise you on anything we feel should be said differently. We can either hold off publishing any new material before approval has been granted, or we can publish with your authorisation – with a view of removing any copy you dislike, should that ever be the case. How we go about publishing new material is your prerogative. We will however make adjustments to advert copy, but without changing the message. We may switch lines of ad text and modify the wording when making optimisations to the account, and we can notify you of all examples once completed.

Please check this page regularly, as it does get updated.
By using the services of Pro PPC Limited, you agree to these conditions.
Latest revision: 25th April 2015