Neurology & Your Website

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In the above video I go into detail about the way our brains make decisions, and how that can relate to why people behave differently on some websites than they do others.


Our brains have 3 layers to them. I like to think of each of the layers as a separate piece of technology, starting with the R-complex (reptilian brain), then onto the mammal upgrade with the Limbic System before receiving the human upgrade of the Neocortex.


Quite simply put, this section of our brain is an old piece of technology. It is our instinctive self, our subconscious mind that controls our motor system, automates breathing and other bodily functions, and sends information to other parts of our brain based on the information it receives.

  • Reptilian Brain – Your Sub-Conscious mind
  • Stupid – Can’t read
  • Processes images very quickly
  • Controls awareness
  • Never sleeps / always on


brain-limbicLimbic System

The Limbic System is the Mammal upgrade. This piece of technology was developed millions of years after the R-complex and was given to a new range of species called Mammals. The R-complex combined with the limbic system is the kind of brain that dogs and cats have. They certainly have feelings and they communicate with us on certain levels.

  • Emotional Brain
  • Effects feelings & senses
  • Happy vs. Sad



The Neocortex is the newest part of the brain – technology dating back only as far as mankind. This brain allows us to have rational and structured thoughts. This brain is able to learn on a great level – enabling our species of mammal the ability to talk and make scientific discoveries. A true masterpiece, but a shame it listens to the R-Complex above all else in particular, when making decisions. Our R-Complex doesn’t like something, your neocortex is going to have a very hard time disagreeing. So hard in fact, your neocortex will decide to add rational to the R-complex’s instincts as deciding reasons before making a decision based on cold facts.

  • Thinking Brain – Your Conscious mind
  • Rationalise
  • Can Read
  • Understand complex scenario
  • Much slower to react


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Fooling The Brain Is Easy

The video delves into these examples in detail, but are optical illusions.


Fact: The two squares 'A' & 'B' are the same colour. No difference between then yet your brain is telling you 100% that they are different.


The new Photoshop splash screen is an optical illusion


Spirals right?

Wrong: In fact they are circles. Every single one of them, yet your brain will not let you see the circles.