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What you can do to improve your website performance TODAY.

Well the video went of for much longer than I had anticipated and came in at about 30 mins with some info added at the end. This is however very informative with a few “Must Know’s” when optimising your website for better performance. The information is necessary whether you are making changes yourself or not. If you use a web designer to make the changes – these are the questions you want to ask.

Whats included in the video?

The video is divided into 4 sections (plus a special offer at the end)

  1. A little interesting but easy to swallow CRO theory [01:20]
  2. A few points on Neurology [09:35]
  3. In House CRO examples of the good & bad [14:00]
  4. The 5 step CRO [19:50].

The 5 Step CRO

The 5 steps I am about to reveal are by no means an exhaustive list of things you can do to boost website performance. These are however the first 5 things that I check when auditing a website to determine how much work is likely to be needed in order to achieve goals for the business.

Step 1 – Make sure it works

  • Are page load times below 4 seconds? (use the ‘page load time’ chrome extension)
  • Do all of the links work?, are there any broken images?
  • Do sign up forms actually send the information?
  • Try every link & function to test.

Step 2 – Text Size – Minimum size of 16px, with line height of 1.5X

  • screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-08-32-22Try a test – position your chair approx 3 metres away and see how easy the text is to read.
  •  If you have to lean towards your screen to see certain words, then its way too small.
  • Keep text short, and to the point.

Step 3 – Is there a ‘clear call to action’

  • The “BACK” button is a clear call to action
  • You need to provide a stronger & more relevant CTA than the ‘BACK” button to keep your visitors.
  • Try to indicate everything you need to say in both the headline & the call to action for best results.

Step 4 – Visual Hierarchy

  • A colour not already in use across the page (a contrast) or larger items are more visually important.
  • Who wants to press the orange shape ➙  ➙  ➙
  • “Big Orange Button” is not always best, look at Easy Jets website. Colour needs to contrast.


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Step 5 - Ensure You Are Tracking Your Visitors

  • photoI ran a test 3 days ago. I looked at 250 individual websites that ARE using Google Adwords.
  • 30% had Analytics installed correctly, but only 5% were tracking conversions correctly.
  • 40% had analytics installed incorrectly and will either be suffering from double counting or random misfires giving very inaccurate results.
  • 30% had no tracking installed whatsoever.

Shocking: That is a total of 70% of websites without adequate Analytics tracking. What was worse, is only 5% of these sites were tracking conversions properly.

It doesn't matter if you are using Google Adwords or not. If you are interested in optimising your performance even at a very basic level, you need to be able to measure performance. The fact of the matter here is that if you are using Google Adwords and you are not tracking results, then a lot of money is going to waste.