Business Wales: Beginner to Intermediate Google Adwords Training

GREAT NEWS. Pro PPC will again be providing training for Business Wales.

We have 2 dates booked in for North Wales, with more dates to follow for Mid & South regions of Wales.

Confirmed Dates:

8th November 2016 in Wrexham

26th January 2017 in Anglesey.

The event is not live yet, but if you want to book an ‘early-bird’ place on either course please contact me directly.

Here is the info that will be released on the Business Wales website later this week:

Business Wales, in partnership with Pro PPC, will be hosting an event in association with Google & Google Partners.  The event will consist of a series of presentations with a focus on the importance of internet marketing, along with Google AdWords training on ‘How to Set Up and Optimise a Google AdWords Account’.

The current economic climate has left a lot of businesses struggling to stay afloat; in addition, Google has created a series of algorithms to optimise who ranks highly on its search engine. This poses as a problem for many small businesses, unable to rank against large mainstream companies who are constantly occupying this space and making it virtually impossible to compete organically using SEO.

Google AdWords has become an intrinsic part of making many small and medium sized businesses successful. The results from this kind of advertising are instantaneous, and when done correctly, a business can skyrocket to success.

There is however a flip side: when set up incorrectly, it can leave a business in ruins. There are many things to consider about how Google uses campaigns to advertise a business – we want to show you how to do this correctly for your business.

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The day will be split into 4 modules:

  1. The past, present and future of Google, how Superfast Broadband impacts the behaviour of consumers, and therefore your business
  2. How to set up an AdWords account correctly – step by step
  3. Other networks and tools, including YouTube, Analytics, Locations and Shopping
  4. Optimising and improving campaigns once live

The modules cover everything you need to know about getting started with Google Adwords; Pro PPC have also kindly offered access to their online training program, including eight videos to guide you through the set up and optimisation processes covered in modules 2 and 3.

Each module will give a great deal of insight into how to improve and future-proof your internet marketing. The talks are provided by experts in the industry, and will be extremely beneficial to all those in attendance.

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